First week and then the weekend

I found a free Android app in the Google Play Store called Libra (I’m still learning how to add links, or I would add it here). It’s a simple weight tracker that lets me enter a weight every day and track progress toward a goal, ending at a target date that the app sets based on how quickly I want to lose weight. That helps satisfy my somewhat obsessive need to know whether I’ve lost any pounds, even though I know that’s not the most important indicator of whether a commitment to a healthier lifestyle is helping.

This last week, though, I lost three pounds. Now, I think that’s most likely attributable to mostly eating food I cooked at home instead of food someone else cooked, which mostly means I controlled the sodium content.

But how did the last week and the weekend go?

I walked up three flights of stairs to my office every work day this week. I ate a healthy diet every work day this week. I had a yoga session three days this week. And I didn’t do badly on the weekend, though I recognize that’s definitely my weakness.

Weakness notwithstanding, I had some successes. We had pizza, but I order it with very light cheese, only vegetables, and no sauce – which I think is yummy even thought it’s a relatively low fat and low sodium version of pizza. Biggest failure was the scoop of German chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Still, though, it was only one scoop, which is two less than I wanted.

And we ate out with friends Saturday evening. That’s where this blog served one of its purposes. My daughter commented on it that she was proud of me. Keeping that in mind is why I brought half my meal home instead of eating it all for supper, and it’s why I didn’t eat what my husband left on his plate – what my grandmother called “shame food” (it’s a shame to waste it, and it’s a shame to eat it when you’re not hungry for it).

I’m counting this as a good start that I can build successes on.



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