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First month accounting

It’s been a month – time for an update and accountability. So, I think I’ll try an experiment: the first of each month, I’ll revisit my goals and see if there’s any change.

 First, the update.

Where   I am

After   one month

Size 14

Size 14

Touch toes on sixth yoga sun salutation

Touch toes on third yoga sun salutation

Winded after one flight of stairs

Fine after one flight of stairs, winded after one and a half

Six or fewer hours of sleep/night

Fairly consistent six hours of sleep/night

30 pounds heavier than I want to be

Weight moves up and down the same 5 pounds each week – see more information   below

BMI 29.1

BMI 28.2

So, there’s been some progress with flexibility and stamina. I’ve added extra flights of stairs during the day – I drink about two liters of water during the work day, with predictable consequences. So, whenever nature calls, I walk one floor up and back. And my BMI has dropped, despite the fun with my weight.

Here’s the deal with that. I seem to have not lost a single pound for real. My weight varies by about five pounds every week, up and down and back up and back down. It seems to hinge primarily on sodium and water weight, which hinges on whether I eat any food that someone else has prepared. I hate to cook, so eating food someone else has prepared is always my first choice. The simple solution would seem to be to eat a lot of boxed foods, but I don’t eat processed foods.

Now, the accountability

What   I Committed To

What   I’ve Done This Month

Record what I eat every day. Every day. Be honest.

I just started this discipline this week. But I’ve been consistent   for two days. LOL (My Fitness Pal’s internet log)

Start with yoga at least three times a week.

Reset: I’ve been fairly consistent – see more information below.

Walk up the 3 flights of stairs to my office every day.

I’ve walked up the stairs every day I’ve been at work. And I’ve added   extra flights during the day.

Add cardio and strength training after a month.

It’s been a month, and I found a great beginner’s workout on Shape   magazine’s website, which I started today.

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier. After a month, think about going to bed   30 minutes earlier than that.

This is a weakness, but I’m still trying.

So, the yoga. My pattern has been to be consistent for a week or two, fall off for a month or two, be consistent for a week or two …. I’ve been more consistent this last month than in the past, and I’ve had far shorter periods of falling off. Since I believe in claiming victory at every reasonable chance, I’m claiming that as a victory, and committing to longer periods of consistency and even shorter periods of falling off.

And what about meeting the nutritionist’s advice?



Aim for 1300 calories on days when I have a moderate workout

I eat about the same thing every weekday and about the same thing   every weekend (though different from weekdays). Mostly, it’s 1300 calories or   less.

Aim for 1500 calories on days when I have a tough workout

Not there yet

Commit to working out at least 3 times a week at first

I’ve been fairly consistent about yoga 3 times a week – renewed this   commitment.

Commit to working out at least 5 times a week after a few months

I added a beginner’s strength routine today.

Aim for at least six hours of sleep a night, but seven hours is   better

Fairly consistent – again, my weakness; it’s easier to forego sweets   than to go to bed early.

 Here’s something interesting, though. My daughter sent me a blog post from The Idea Room. In it, the author describes almost exactly what I’ve experienced: frustration with losing weight after middle age, bloating, constipation, surprising and disturbing – and seemingly unchangebackable – changes to the shape of her body, prescriptions for thyroid and vitamin D supplements that seemed to stabilize her weight but not help her lose any. It’s a long list. Then an allergist tested her for food allergies. She’s beginning an elimination diet. Following her results should be very informative.

 And the next time I go to the doctor, she’ll hear all about this. Maybe it’s something.

 The thing is that I’m so fed up with hearing from doctors and articles and everyone else that all I need to do is eat less and exercise more. Well, I think I really can’t eat much less. I could certainly exercise more. But it’s all difficult to sustain after almost five years with no results. And so maybe it’s the lack of consistency. Or maybe it’s actually my fantasy of a benign tumor in my belly about the size of a basketball, the removal of which suddenly results in wearing a size 6. Or maybe it’s food allergies.