Hi! I’m honored you visited.

First things first: I am not a health care professional of any kind. My intent in writing this blog is not to offer advice of any kind. my intent is simply to record a long experiment i am making in my life and what i learn from it.

By nature, I’m very private, so writing about myself to publish online is quite a stretch. But here goes.

I’m a middle-aged professional woman, wife, mother of two wonderful adult children and a stepdaughter who was grown when we joined each others’ family. Among them, they’ve given us seven grandchildren

Like most folks who can describe themselves similarly, I have to prioritize. My health hasn’t been my first priority. I have a sedentary office job. My favorite hobbies are sedentary – reading, crochet, and movies, especially 1940s movies.

I realized some while ago that I’m choosing right now, every day, how my life will be 20 years or 30 years from now – how well I take care of myself now will determine how well I’ll be able to take care of myself then and all that. And running after grandchildren as they moved from newborn to toddler to school age began to wear me out.

Now that’s some pretty powerful motivation. And then I remind myself that my husband is four years younger than I am. So, here we are. I’m experimenting with a year of making healthy choices and reporting the results here. As they say, the year will pass anyway; may as well do something with it.


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